Business Partner Program

The crown jewel in our state-of-the-art services.

In a rapidly challenging marketplace and empowered customers, OPEX is introducing a unique Business Partner Program
that will help your organization not only to grow & protect your business but also getting ahead.  
The Program platform consists of TWO main streams, you can choose to be enrolled in one or both of them:


Strategic Account Management

One of our dedicated Business Partner Team will listen to you to understand your unique business challenges and then develop solutions designed to help YOU!


Industry Specific consultancy

Want to energize the crystals of your business units?

Our world-class team of professionals with specialized industry experience knows very well that your company is continuously strive to be the “best” and they will help you to maintain your competitive advantage by always exploring and adopting new and innovative “best-in-class practices”.

This program includes -but not limited to- Industry specific solutions for:

  • Customer Experience & NPS Enhancement
  • Business processes on-going open-ended improvement
  • Turning Data into actionable insights

Customer Experience & NPS Enhancement

Your brand is an experience, an experience so meaningful that even where competitors are perceived as offering a better product or lower cost, emotionally engaged customers won't switch.
The Program will support your company to deliver the kind of customer experience, that will make your customers as well as their referrals want to stick around for years to come. 

Business processes on-going open-ended improvement

The Program will help your company turning inefficiencies into advantages, and weak touch points into opportunities where innovation and competitive edge can happen.
Our aim is to help you streamline and simplify processes and procedures to generate sustainable savings which will release capacity to further invest in growing your business.